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Announcement: Exhibition in Barcelona!

Hello Everyone!

I'm a little late in posting this, (for various reasons,) but I am pleased to announce that three of my paintings will be on show in a joint exhibition at

Art Number 23 Gallery, Barcelona, from March 31st!

"The Eden Project," "A Most Interesting Book," and "Anachronism" will all be on display

(and two of them up for sale..!) at Art Number 23, Barcelona, from March 31st to April 8th 2023, along with works from many other artists from around the world.

This will be my first time exhibiting more than one work, and abroad too, so I'm quite excited!

For those of you are in or may happen to be in Barcelona, feel free to stop by and say Hi!

I know it's short notice for those of you in the UK (sorry, I've simply had too many things going on to get to the computer...!) but I will be posting photos, and don't worry, I plan on exhibiting more locally soon too:-)

Catch you later!


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