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About the Artist

Out to Sketch.png
The Pergola Garden

     Dominique Densmore is a freelance artist and illustrator

 from Detroit MI, now based in London. Largely self-taught,

 she grew up in a family of artists and musicians. When, at a young age, she showed an ability to copy images quite well, her father encouraged her to draw regularly, with guidance from her mother, who also enjoyed sketching.

   Her skills increased over the years, learning from copying everything from book illustrations to characters from films or cartoons, and from life as well. At fourteen, she began doing painting and drawing sessions with professional painter Dennis Orlowski, who later introduced her to oils, one of her favorite mediums. Her first oil painting, a portrait of her sister (also an artist), won her a Gold Key at the 2002 Scholastics Art and Writing Awards.



   She has since taken on various projects and commissions, including street painting for the Detroit Festival of the Arts, private commissions, promotional posters for theatre and film, and most recently, competed as a "Wildcard Artist"

for the Sky Arts series "Landscape Artist of the Year."


Bike Drawing.jpg

A drawing Densmore did from life of her tricycle, at the age of seven.

CC Card Shop_edited.jpg

Densmore's Christmas cards at Bryars and Bryars bookstore, Cecil Court.

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