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 For Sale

Here you will find various works for sale, including

Original Paintings, Sketches, Prints, and Greeting Cards.

Please send me an email with any enquiries, and for shipping quotes.

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For the art lover on a budget, purchasing a sketch or preliminary drawing can be a great way to own an original artwork at a lower cost.

Like any artist, I do loads of sketches as preparation for larger works, to test out lighting or ideas. Naturally these sketches pile up! (I practically eat up paper, ha ha!)  So, to clear up space, I have decided to sell a few of them. 

"30 for 30" Sketches.

Some of the following sketches (marked "30for30") were done as part of a 30 Day challenge with Zach King, back during lockdown, in which participants had to create something for at least 30 minutes every day for 30 days. It was a lot of fun, and more challenging than I'd expected, as I worked them in around my other projects, and had to think up a new subject every day.

Mermaid art, pastel drawing for sale


Little Mermaid


Pastel on paper, 9&3/4"x19&3/4"

The Great Lion, Narnia inspired art


The Great Lion


(Obviously inspired by Narnia!)

Pastel on paper.


Thumbelina, fine art sketch




Pastel on paper.


Mythical rabbit, fine art sketch, budget art for sale


The Prince of Rabbits


Pastel on paper

12&3/8"x19&3/4" (apprx)


The Firebird


Pastel on paper


Guardian dogs, pet painting, pastel sketch


The Treasure Guards

(The Tinder Box)


Pastel on paper

12&3/4" x 19&5/8"



The Eagle Renewed

(From Psalm 103)


12&3/4" x 19& 3/4"

Pastel art sketch, Captain Nemo playing his organ, budget art for sale


Captain Nemo


Pastel on paper

12&3/4" x 19&5/8"


Mountain color study, green.


Pastel on paper, 12&3/4" x 19&6/8"


Mountain color study, blue.


Pastel on paper, 12&3/4"x19&5/8"

Painting, ballerina in pink dress

Dancer in a garden.


One of a series of color studies for a commission.

Acrylic on canvas sheet, 8" x 10"

Sugar Plum Fairy art, ballerina in pink tutu

Sugar Plum Fairy.


Design for Christmas tote bags. Pastel on paper.

The Pergola Garden

Original Paintings

Own an original piece of artwork!

The following paintings are currently for sale. Please send an email with any enquires, and for shipping quotes. (Please note that it can take at least 4 to 6 weeks for packing & delivery, depending on the piece, and where you live.)

Fine art painting of a girl riding a horse through a forrest, for sale

Morning Ride



Acrylic on stretched canvas,

2x3 feet (24 x36 inches).

In the fresh air of a summer's morning, a young woman and her faithful steed come upon a cool stream sparkling in the sun, the only sounds are the waterfall and the singing of birds...



Fine art oil painting of a man riding a horse, with a falcon

The Messenger


Oil on stretched canvas,

23.5 x 31 & 3/8 inches


A lone rider of a bygone era makes his way along the windswept hills. What might his mission be? To deliver a message? Or perhaps he rides in answer to a secret missive from the semaphores in the distance...


Fine art painting of a horse, spanish stallion for sale

Horse Study, Spanish Stallion

(After a photo by Elise Genest.)


Acrylic on stretched canvas

15&3/4"x 11&5/8"

Fine art painting of a young girl riding her horse along the beach, for sale

Riding in the Sky


Acrylic on stretched canvas,

16 x 20 inches


Perfectly reflected in the shining sands of the seashore, the salt air in their faces and the cry of gulls overhead, a girl and her horse revel in the freedom of a gallop along the sea.



Appaloosa, fine art painting of a horse, for sale

Horse study, Appaloosa in the snow


Acrylic on canvas, 

The Pergola Garden, fine art painting for sale

The Pergola Garden


Oil on stretched canvas,

12 x 24 inches

Hidden on an estate deep in the woods, an elegant Italianate garden is watered by a light summer rain.



The Eden Project, Landscape artist of the year painting, for sale

The Eden Project


Oil on stretched canvas,

18 x 24 inches.

Painted en plein air on site at The Eden Project, Cornwall, for Sky Arts' 2022 Landscape Artist of the Year competition. The wood frame of the canvas has been stamped with the official logo of the competition.

Taking inspiration from the name of the location, I attempted to convey an atomsphere of bright newness in this scene.


Piccadilly Circus


It is possible to purchase Fine Art Prints of most of the designs displayed on my site. As I do not currently keep these in stock, these prints are ordered on an

"On Demand" basis. They are printed in archival quality ink, on textured watercolour paper. As they take time to prepare, they may take at least 4 to 6 weeks to arrive, depending on where you live.

Note: The sizes quoted here are standard UK sizes; certain pieces will vary in dimensions.  Please contact me with any enquiries.

Small -A4  (8.3"x 11.7inches)   £25

Medium -A3 (11.7 x 16.5 inches) £35

Large -A2 (16.5 x 23.4 inches) £50

Plus Shipping costs--dependant on country of residence.

Greeting Cards

A picture says a thousand words! Send your message in a beautiful card with original art.

All cards are 5 x 7 inches, and are £3 each. (Contact for a shipping quote and payment options.) "Everyday" cards come with white envelopes, and are blank inside for your own message. Christmas cards come with red envelopes, and the message "Merry Christmas" inside.

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