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Lantern Cards with Envelopes

The Gallery

Home for Christmas

"Home for Christmas." Pastel.

The inspiration for this card was the waiting area in one of London's train stations. (Can you guess which one?)

I often thought that the large drab windows across the way would look so inviting if they were lit up, and even more so if by a glowing Christmas tree!

Caroling Through the Town 2021

"Caroling Through the Town." Pastel.

This one is a nod to my first Christmas card design. (Scroll down to see.) Taking inspiration from Nat King Cole's "Christmas Bells are Ringing," I moved the action from the countryside to a town.

A Cup of Cheer, 2020_edited.jpg

"A Cup of Cheer." Pastel.

I got the idea for this one from hearing about the lamplighters of London. While most of London is lit by electricity, there are a few streets left which are still lit by the soft glow of gaslight. These lamps require the maintenance of Lamplighters, who periodically wind them up with a large key.

Christmas in Cecil Court
The Little Drummer Boy of Ronnie Scotts

The Little Drummer Boy of Ronnie Scott's. Watercolor. Private Commission.

Christmas in Cecil Court.

Acrylic. Commission for

Bryars and Byars Bookstore, London

Ice Skaters at Christmas_edited.jpg

Skaters at Christmastime. Acrylic.

(From the Archives, an old painting done when I was around 15.)

Christmas Refreshments

Christmas Refreshments. Watercolor.

Commission for Daniel Bexfield Antiques, London

A Christmas Tradition

   As with many others, selecting and sending Christmas cards is a favorite tradition in my family. When we were kids, the task of writing them up was usually assigned to me and my sister. It could take all afternoon, as we would carefully write out "Merry Christmas" in large calligraphic letters, and add glitter with Elmer's glue (a messy business). All with Christmas music playing in the background, and cookies available when needed.

   One year we just couldn't seem to find the right card. So I suggested that perhaps I could draw one instead.

   We had only a simple little printer with black ink (we'd run out of color) so I did a little pen drawing of a one horse sleigh on one half of a regular sheet of paper (so it could be folded).  We printed it onto 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper, and sent them out. As everyone liked them, I did another one the next year, and then another, and finally I

compiled all these drawings together for my first card collection.

My first ever Christmas card design

Christmas Card_edited.jpg
Storybook Christmas Cards_edited.png

The First Christmas Collection

And that's how it all started...

For me, there is something special in receiving hand written letters or cards, especially from good friends. It's more personal. And opening envelopes--especially at Christmas--is so much more fun than clicking on an email! 

Cup of Cheer Card_edited.jpg
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