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Now Available in Stores!

Updated: May 17, 2023

I am happy to announce that through Mistletoe House, three of my designs are now available to purchase in stores across the UK!

The three now available are:

"Enter Princess Turandot," an illustration of the titular character of Pucinni's opera, inspired by the dramatic music of Turandot's first entrance;

"Girl with a Moccoletto," inspired by a chapter from The Count of Monte Cristo, in which Dumas describes a curious game involving candles, or moccoletti: everyone must try to keep his candle alight, while blowing out everyone else's;

And lastly, "A Most Interesting Book," a fantasy featuring the Radcliff Tower, and flowers from my own garden.

So, keep an eye out!

Catch you later!

Dominique Densmore

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