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Christmas Tote Bags--and More to come

Updated: Jan 19

So it's 2024!

A belated Happy New Year!

I know this post is a bit late, but I was too busy with Christmas to find time to write...!

But now that the celebrations are done, I thought I'd share this little post to help counter the January blues, as it's not only about what I have made, but what I hope to make more of, God willing!

So--last year I participated, in a small way, in Mayfair's Christmas Tree Lighting event. One of my friends was going to be performing the Sugar Plum Fairy at the event, and many Mayfair businesses would be passing out gifts to the general public. I decided to ask the event organisers whether, in conjunction with Danceworks, I could pass out tote bags with a Sugar Plum design printed on them, and samples of my Christmas cards inside, at the performance. They said yes!

I designed a drawing to suggest Amy, (the Sugar Plum Fairy) and

incorporated a big blue bow to match Mayfairs' decorations. And so, I had my tote bags made, with my cards and the Danceworks timetable inside. There were only a small amount, but we had to act quickly, before the next act started, so one of my friends helped me to pass them out to the audience after the dance. It was nice to see people's delighted faces when they received them.

The Mayfair Christmas Lights The lovely Amy West

So that was my first Christmasy event of 2023--and my first time seeing my own designs on tote bags. I hope to be making more tote bags with other designs, so keep an eye out;-)

What do you think?

Which of my paintings would you like to have on a tote bag?

Let me know!

Catch you later!

Dominique Densmore

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Lovely work Dominique. Will be in touch.

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